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Smart Refinancing

Refinancing, also known as remortgaging, is an important and normal part of being a property investor or home owner. Refinancing, in a nutshell, is when you switch your mortgage out for a new one in order to acquire better terms or borrow more money. You don’t just change the interest on your current mortgage loan, you repay your current mortgage and take out a completely new one. By getting another chance to take out a different mortgage, you can shop around for different and better terms to suit your needs. Here at Mortgage Mantra, we take the guesswork out of finding a new set of terms for the mortgage you want and help you refinance smartly. Just like the first mortgage you took out, there’s no guarantee that you will be accepted for a second mortgage, so make sure you talk to the experts first before making a decision and applying again.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about going down the refinance route, we help you through the following questions to find out whether refinancing is the right solution for you!

We work with you to answer all of these burning questions, and find solutions to suit your specific requirements. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, by working with experienced brokers, you’ll be getting the best deals.

Many people look to refinance for many different reasons including, but not limited to -

What costs do I need to look out for when refinancing?

When contacting your bank and lenders, as mentioned previously, make sure that you get ALL of the quoted fees in writing, be it through letter or email, so that you have solid proof of the costs so that they don’t suddenly change on you without you being able to prove that your previous quote existed. Over the phone won’t do if you want to be responsible with your refinancing costs. A different cost could make or break the decision to refinance, so don’t leave anything out or you may be refinancing with no benefit whatsoever.

For all your refinancing options, support and expertise – contact us at Mortage Mantra – we know mortgages!

Mortgage Mantra

First Home Loan

Saving for a 20% deposit in today’s record high house prices can be a struggle. Applying for a First Home Loan which only requires you to save a 5% deposit would certainly make the journey easier.

First Home Loans are only issued by select lenders. If you want to understand the full criteria and whether you are eligible simply fill in our online application form or request a call back

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Our journey with our clients lasts beyond the life of their home loan. That’s why we ask them to keep us posted on how we are doing along the way.

Plotting your path requires information.

We have created the tools to map the constellations so you don’t have to.

Latest Interest Rates

Check out the latest interest rates figures for all the banks in one convenient place with our helpful interest rate tracking tool. Remember we can often get even better interest rates so give us a call when you are ready to take the next step.

Mortgage Calculator

Understanding how much you will have to pay in monthly repayments is easy with our handy Mortgage Calculator tool. We recommend preparing for life with your new mortgage by setting aside rent + the surplace expense of repaying your mortgage.
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