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Mortgage Mantra

About Us

We have the knowledge & experience gained over the last 10 years to assist you with impartial advice based on your unique financial situation.
About company

At Mortgage Mantra

Mortgage Mantra will assist you with

Initial loan application

We can arrange a suitable time for us to meet you and take care of the necessary paperwork.

Mortgage Advice

Expand your loan options by involving multiple lenders to find the right loan proposal for your needs.

Professionals to work

Recommending the right professionals to work with – solicitors, valuers, building inspectors, accountants…

Finding the home

We'll assist you in discovering the perfect home for your family through collaborative efforts.

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What kiwis are saying about us

Our journey with our clients lasts beyond the life of their home loan. That’s why we ask them to keep us posted on how we are doing along the way.

You will love working with Mortgage Mantra because:

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