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Mortgage Mantra

Will my bank lend me the amount I need to borrow?

You may like to think that your bank is the best option for you. However, your bank can only offer you a loan based on the products they sell. This means you will get partial advice. Getting the right home loan for you is not just about getting the amount you need to settle the purchase transaction. In fact, getting impartial advice on how to structure the loan for your unique financial situation can often be more important than getting the lowest interest rate. The wrong loan structure can cost you thousands of dollars in interest costs and add extra years to your loan. At Mortgage Mantra, we have the knowledge and experience gained over the last 10 years to guide you with impartial advice based on your unique financial situation. We take the time to understand your financial situation in order to map out a home loan strategy that will save you time and money. We work with all the major lenders and understand the differences in loan policies clearly. This allows us to tender multiple offers with competitive interest rates and more importantly, loan terms that work effectively for you. We operate independently of the lender, the real estate agent, the accountant, the solicitor & other professionals. We always put your interests first. We will not refer you to a lender or another professional unless we are convinced that they share our commitment in providing you with the appropriate advice and guidance. We won’t compromise on our ethics. We will follow the rule-book. This will mean no problems for you or with your lender. We will arrange your loan with the lender that gives you the best overall loan proposal. We have more choices available to us than your bank to find you the right solution. As mortgage advisers we will help you manage your mortgage effectively & put adequate protection/ insurance in place for you. We are able to access non-prime lenders and mortgage providers. This gives us a range of options when it comes to getting unique loan proposals approved.

Why Mortgage Mantra

Some mortgage brokerage services claim extensive experience in the industry at a brand level. At Mortgage Mantra, we are an owner operated boutique service with over a decade of real experience. You can be confident knowing you are getting the best service from a mortgage broker who stands by their name.

Our Mantra

We offer expert guidance in lending, drawing on 15 years of knowledge and experience to serve you.


We operate independently of the lender, the real estate agent, the accountant, the solicitor & other professionals.

Lifetime Journey

Securing you the best home loan terms is only the beginning, which is why our services extend for the lifetime of the loan.

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Our journey with our clients lasts beyond the life of their home loan. That’s why we ask them to keep us posted on how we are doing along the way.
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