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When it comes to finding the right location

Considering the location of your first home is important for a number of reasons. Before we discuss more personal reasons to consider location before buying a house remember location plays a big part in determining a home prices and potential resale values in the future. It is important to decide on the kind of area you’d like your family to live in and go searching for a home in the areas that meet your criteria. As a First Home Buyer you may be eligible to apply for a First Home Loan which reduces your minimum deposit from 20% down to a 5% deposit. This 5% represents your contribution towards the purchase of your home. Ideally you will have saved this amount over the last 3 months or more. In exceptional situations, the lender may consider equity from a family member’s home as a deposit.

Your criteria may include:

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        Plotting your path requires information.

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        Things to be aware of

        Buying near the flight path (becomes too noisy).
        Buying near a busy road or motorway (frequent traffic).
        Buying too close to an industrial area as this can lower the resale value of the home.

        Some of these areas are quite often less expensive and can appear good value, but they are usually harder to sell and will not appreciate in value so readily.

        Homes in a ‘good’ location are popular because

        They do not lose their value – even in market downturns.
        Their value goes up more and faster than homes in other areas and they’re easier to sell.
        You are more likely to get your money back or profit from any renovations.

        You have probably heard the expression to buy ‘the worst house in the best street’ for these reasons.

        Everyone wants to buy in good locations. This means the competition can be tough and prices can be out of your budget. Be prepared to consider looking elsewhere.

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