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Mortgage Mantra

First Home Buyers Guide to the New World

Starting out on your journey towards owning your first home can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. If you find yourself asking questions like how much can I borrow or what will my repayments be, let Mortgage Mantra be your compass. We pride ourselves on offering the best service to Aucklanders looking to buy their first home. We will guide you along the path from understanding your individual financial and personal situation, to answering any questions you might have, to securing you the best possible home loan. Even after you have moved into your new home our services don’t stop there as we are dedicated to helping you pay off your mortgage faster and when the time is right moving you into your dream home.

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Why Mortgage Mantra

Our Mantra

We offer expert guidance in lending, drawing on 15 years of knowledge and experience to serve you.


We operate independently of the lender, the real estate agent, the accountant, the solicitor & other professionals.

Lifetime Journey

Securing you the best home loan terms is only the beginning, which is why our services extend for the lifetime of the loan.
First Home Buyers

How can we help?

Typically people focus on getting the best terms for their home loan however there is more to a compass than getting you to your first home ownership goals.

The winds of change are in the air

We are constantly monitoring the financial, legislative and overall economic picture to ensure we are providing the best possible advice to our clients. Sign up to our mailing list so you can be just as informed as we are – without having to do the leg work.

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Our journey with our clients lasts beyond the life of their home loan. That’s why we ask them to keep us posted on how we are doing along the way.

Plotting your path requires information.

We have created the tools to map the constellations so you don’t have to.

Latest Interest Rates

Check out the latest interest rates figures for all the banks in one convenient place with our helpful interest rate tracking tool. Remember we can often get even better interest rates so give us a call when you are ready to take the next step.

Mortgage Calculator

Understanding how much you will have to pay in monthly repayments is easy with our handy Mortgage Calculator tool. We recommend preparing for life with your new mortgage by setting aside rent + the surplace expense of repaying your mortgage.
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