How to apply for a home loan

The home loan application process can feel a little overwhelming, especially when your first home dreams depend on a successful application.

At Mortgage Mantra, our goal is to take the stress out of the whole process which is why we believe the best option is to give us a call. We can visit you in person any time 7 days a week to explain the process and complete the application right there at your place. You can also apply online though we would still recommend completing your application in person to make sure every detail is correct.

As a first step, after your application has been completed and submitted to a lender, we obtain a pre-approval letter from a suitable lender which is basically a conditional approval.

The initial conditions could include submission of a copy of the sale and purchase agreement, a valuers report and any other conditions which will help the lender make a full unconditional offer letter available to you.

The pre-approval process normally takes between 5 – 7 working days. In exceptional circumstances, we are able to request the lender for a quicker turnaround time (between 3-5 days). We strongly recommend that you seek an early pre-approval of your borrowing limits so that the stress is avoided later when you have found the home you are looking for.

Pre-approval Process Steps

The first step in the pre-approval process is completing an application which includes:

  • Listing your assets & liabilities, and income & expenses.
  • Verification of these figures via supporting documents of your income (usually 2 current pay slips or 2 years worth financials if you are in business).
  • Evidence of a saved deposit especially if you are borrowing more than 80%.
  • 3 months of current bank statements.
  • Complete credit checks.

At Mortgage Mantra we have over 10 years experience in helping kiwis get into their first home. We can take you through the home loan application process and ensure that you have all the supporting documentation needed to maximise your chance of getting approval.

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    Why Mortgage Mantra

    Some mortgage brokerage services claim extensive experience in the industry at a brand level. At Mortgage Mantra, we are an owner operated boutique service with over a decade of real experience. You can be confident knowing you are getting the best service from a mortgage broker who stands by their name.

    Our Mantra

    Your solution focused sheppard to the world of lending. We have the knowledge and experience gained over the last 15 years to guide you.

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    We operate independently of the lender, the real estate agent, the accountant, the solicitor & other professionals.

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    Lifetime Journey

    Securing you the best home loan terms is only the beginning, which is why our services extend for the lifetime of the loan.

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