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Mortgage Calculator

Understanding how much you can borrow or how much your repayments will be are helpful tools for determining how close you are to your property goals. At Mortgage Mantra, we believe it is important to have the right information throughout the property buying process which is why we have put together these handy mortgage calculators.

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Having the right mindset about how a mortgage will affect your lifestyle and being realistic about the type of home you can afford is an important step to achieving your property goals. A good idea to understand what it means to take on a new mortgage is to take your current accommodation expenses (existing mortgage or rent) plus the surplus costs determined by our mortgage repayment calculator and save that money in a separate account for a few months.

If you are comfortable making these sorts of lifestyle changes then you are on the right path. As an owner operated boutique service with over a decade of real world experience helping Aucklanders achieve their property goals we have the right mix of knowledge, industry contacts and strategies to help you.

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